Jesus Holy Church

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Church Members Building Their Own Church in Hyderabad 
When the church was forced to move, the Pastor and church members bought some land and built the church by themselves.  They held their 1st service this  on January 1, 2016 to celebrate the New Year.  They only have a tent covering for a roof and rugs on the floor.  They also need bathroom facilities.  See pictures and more information on this website under :"Ministry-Main church in Hyderabad:".  Pray to provide support to finish this church. 

Training Leaders
This ministry trains pastors with the Word of God for 15 weeks and sends them to remote areas where the gospel has NEVER been preached.  

Equip the Missionaries
Many of those sent out to these remote areas walk miles from village to village.  bringing the good news of Jesus Christ.  Please pray to help us equip them with bibles and a bike to help them get around.  

Church Planting and Evangelism
To date, there are 35 branch churches.  Jesus Holy Church has been in over 300 villages with a heart to continue to reach more each month.   

Jesus Holy Church frequently conduct outreaches in remote areas throughout the year.  So  many turn from their Hindu religion to accept Christ at these services.  


In 2014, Jesus Holy Church opened up 3 Child Development Centers.  




​​Jesus Holy Church was started with 5 people in 1980.  Today there are over 2,500 in the congregations of all the churches.  The 2 main churches are in the cities of Giddalur and Hyderabad.  In addition they have started 35 branch churches, many in slum and tribal areas.  They train pastors with the Word of God and send them into remote areas to minister and to plant a church.  

​​Jesus Holy Church ministers in an area that is only 1% Christian.  The predominant religions are Hindu (86%) and Muslim (12.4%).  Through this ministry, 2,500 souls have been saved.  Many times they come against opposition.  Hindu leaders are opposed to the spread of Christianity and try to deter it. Jesus Holy Church has been forced out of areas where they were holding services.  This ministry is resilient and continues to spread the message of Jesus Christ and to help those in need.  

What We’re Doing

Jesus  Holy Church started Give India Hope in 2014.  See website link below..