Jesus Holy Church

We are continously reaching out into additional areas to reach people and plant churches.  We currently have 35 branch churches.   We have churches in the cities of Hyderabad and Giddalur as well as in the surrounding slums, villages, and tribal areas.  

As our congregation grows, we train more leaders to be pastors.  We sponsor this Bible training and regularly sponsor Pastor's Conferences.

Be a part of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard before.  Take part in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).  Donate to equip these missionaries.  

We need financial support to continue to  build more churches 

We need your help to equip the pastors to send them out.  Bibles are needed as well as many other supplies.  Many pastors travel many miles on foot to get to unreached people groups.  We need donations to give these pastors motorbikes.    

As we reach out to a new area and after we gather a congregation, we plant a church.  Many of our churches are as primitive as a thatched hut or a tent.  Others are made out of concrete blocks.